Guymon Electronics

33% Off the Famous Discounter Store’s Electronics & Accessories. Great Selection of TV Installing Hardware, TV’s 27″ to 65″, Computer Mice, Computer Memory, Smart Watches, Headphones/Earbuds, Projectors, DVD Players, Printers, Soundbars, DVD/CD’s and LP’s, Games for PlayStation & Xbox & Computer, Collectible Lego®, Action Figures and POP!® Figurines, Cell Phone Cases/Accessories, Strip Lights, Laptops, Computers and Monitors (22″ to 32″), Internet Routers and Wi-Fi Extenders, Gaming Controllers, Wireless Speakers, and more. Brand Names such as Sony®, Samsung®, HP®, LG®, Epson®, Brother®, Canon®, POP!®, Monster®, SanDisk®, and more trustworthy name brands on the market today. The Sale Begins on Friday, October 13th at 10 AM. Open Monday thru Saturday 10 AM to 7 PM.

Guymon Fall Plant Pots/Planters

Just Received a new group of Plant Pots & Planters at your Guymon Walls. Just in time for your Fall planting in assorted colors from Pedestal, Short/Tall, Small/Large, Plastic 5” to 20” Plant Pots and Planters, Now at Walls at a Low Bargain Price only at $1.29 to $16.00. You would pay twice as much for these same Pots at the Big Discounters!  Available for purchase, Today, Monday, October 2nd. Open Monday thru Saturday 10 AM to 7 PM.

Guymon Fiskars Tools

Your Guymon Walls just received another group of Fiskars Tools. Constructed of Heavy Gauge Steel, High strength Aluminum, Forged Steel. Made to last and perfect for Fall Soil Turning, Planting and Weeding. Now, while supplies last at your local Walls Bargain Center you can pick up a variety of these tools at Walls’ Value Prices:

• Digging Shovel, Walls Price only $19

• Scoop Shovel Walls Price only $24

• D Transfer Shovel, Walls Price only $19

• Transfer Shovel, Walls Price only $24

• Pitchfork, Walls Price only $15.

• Bow Rake, Walls Price only $17

• 25” Loopers, Walls Price only $24

• Loopers, Walls Price only $19

Available Today, Wednesday, September 27th. Open Monday thru Saturday 10 AM till 7 PM.

Guymon Ladies Winter Accessories

60% Off from an Iconic American Department Store Ladies’ Winter Accessories. This selection includes Scarfs, Gloves, Knitted Caps, and more. Brand Names such as Ralph Lauren®, Calvin Klein®, UGG®, Isotoner®, and more trustworthy brands on the market today. Shop Today, Monday, September 18th.  Open Monday thru Saturday 10 AM till 7 PM. 

Guymon Angel Soft®

8 Mega Rolls with Evergreen Scented Tube, Today, for a limited time only, on sale 2 packages for $10.  Get an early start to your Holiday Season preparation!  Every roll of Angel Soft® Toilet Paper in this Fresh Evergreen Limited Edition adds a heavenly hint of balsam fir & pine to your bathroom!  Each Mega Roll is equal to 4 Angel Soft Regular Rolls, so you can change the roll less often.  Each pack contains 8 Mega Rolls with 320 2 ply sheets per roll.  Stock up and Save Today! Shop Today, Monday, September 11th.  Open Monday thru Saturday 10 AM till 7 PM


40% Off the “Off-Price” Store’s Selection of Luggage, Comforters/Blankets, Pillows, Towels, Bathroom Rugs, Outdoor Seat Cushions, Kitchen Storage Containers, Beauty Aides, Hair Care, Soaps, Wicker/Cloth Baskets, Dog Beds, Pet Treats, and more. The Sale Begins, Thursday, August 17th.  Open Monday thru Saturday 10 AM till 7 PM. 

Guymon School & Office

33% Off a selection of Office & School Supplies that includes Backpacks, Filler Paper, Subject Notebooks, Post It Notes, Organizers, Construction Paper, Printer Paper, Journals, Books, Coloring Books, Kids Books, Binders (1” to 3”), Folders, Markers, Pens/Pencils, Crayons, Glue, and more for your office needs. Brands names included in this group include Elmer’s®, Avery®, Crayola®, Sharpie® ,Pilot®, Mead®, Five Star®, Paper Mate®,along with more famous and familiar brand names on the market. The Sale Begins, Wednesday, August 2nd.Open Monday thru Saturday 10 AM till 7 PM.