Guymon Backpack

The Terrain® Twin Mesa Hunting Backpack, Now $59.00! A camouflage Hunting Backpack/Daypack with a carrying system for either firearm or bow, storage compartments and padded mesh back for comfortability. The Sale Begins, Thursday, April 18th  at 10 AM. Open Monday thru Saturday from 10 AM till 7 PM. 

Guymon Now Hiring

Don’t enjoy your job? Not getting enough hours? Hate your late night and early morning shifts? Tired of the grease and smelling like a French fry when you leave work? Walls may be just the change you are looking for. We are looking for friendly, customer-oriented individuals to join our team. We have Full-Time Cashier/Stocker positions available. Come join our team and finally enjoy your job! Store Hours are Monday thru Saturday from 10 AM until 7 PM. Team Members enjoy Sundays off, no late evening shifts or early morning shifts! Full-Time Team Members begin accumulating PTO Time on their first day and are eligible to redeem at 90 days of employment. Upon completion of 1 Year of Service, you are eligible for our 401K with up to a 4% match! After 45 days of service, team member purchases become eligible for a 15% – 25% Discount! Full-Time Team Positions start at $10/hr. Apply in person today at 1905 N Highway, Guymon, Oklahoma 73942.

Guymon Silk Flowers

50% Off Silk Flowers and Artificial Topiary in a variety of eye-catching colors that can be used to create arrangements for the home, office or just to add beauty and elegance to your personal space. Choose from different shapes and sizes, with silk flowers that you can make an everlasting arrangement. A variety of Spout Bundles, 8’ Lady Palm, 6’ Yucca Tree, 7 ½ Phild Tree, 5” Areca Palm, Sago Palm, Fiddle Leaf Tree, and more.  Shop Today, Tuesday, April 2nd. Open Monday through Saturday 10 AM to 7 PM.

Guymon Home Goods

Now 33% Off from a Famous Discount Store’s Everyday Home Goods. This selection you will find such items as Window Curtains/Curtain Rods, Window Blinds/Shades, Decorative/Lounge Pillows, Bean Bags, Vacuums/Steam Cleaners, Carpet/Tile Cleaners, Clothes/Shoes Organizers, Home Décor,  Rugs, Picture Frames, Lamps (Table and Floor),  Candles, Luggage/Travel Bags, Trash Cans, Furniture, and more. Brand Names such as Hoover®, Sterilite®, Bissell®, Shark®, and many more well trusted brands. The Sale Begins, Wednesday, March 27th at 10 AM. Open Monday thru Saturday 10:00 AM until 7:00 PM.

Guymon Flooring

New from a variety of well-known Flooring Companies we have an assortment of flooring in a variety of styles and colors giving your home a new stylish appearance without breaking the bank! Update & Upgrade your flooring throughout your home to add sustainable value to your home. Manufactures include Southwind® & Shaw®; both known for quality and value. Here at Walls, let us help you stretch your money even further!  Prices range from $2.65 sq. ft. / $49.47 Box (Endura), $2.29 sq. ft. / $54.13 Box (Majestic Plank), $2.29 sq. ft. / $63.50 Box (Impact), and $2.89 sq. ft. / $68.31 Box (Rigid Plus). Shop Today, Wednesday, February 28th. Open Monday through Saturday 10 AM to 7 PM.

Guymon Lawn & Garden

33% Off the Famous Discounter Store’s Lawn & Garden. A selection of Lawn Fertilizers, Grass Seeds, Potting Soil/Mixes, Flower Pots, Perlite, Griddles/Accessories, Grills/Accessories, Fire Pits, and more.  Brand Names such as Blackstone®, Scotts®, Cuisinart®, Miracle Gro®, Weber®, and more familiar and famous trustworthy brand names. The Sale Begins Saturday, February 24th at 10 AM.  Open Monday thru Saturday 10 AM to 7 PM.

Guymon Kitchen

33% Off Famous Department Store’s selection of Kitchen Necessities. Items such as Cookware, Cutting Boards, Plates, Utensils, Flatware Sets, Bakeware, Canning Jars/Accessories, Cups, Tumblers, Kitchen Towels/Mats, Dish Racks, a wide variety of Small Appliances, and more. Small Appliances include Toasters, Coffee Makers, Mixers, Blenders, Microwaves, Crockpots, Instant Pot Cookers, Air Fryers, Griddles, Electric Skillets, Deep Fryers, Pressure Cookers, Roaster Ovens, and so much more!! Brand Names such as Keurig®, Ninja®, Soda Stream®, Oster®, Corelle®, Kitchen Aid®, Rubbermaid®, and more famous and familiar brand names on the market today. The Sale Begins on Thursday, February 15th. Open Monday through Saturday 10 AM to 7 PM. 

Guymon Mattress

Quality Mattress Sets (Mattress and Box Springs) at an affordable price, now at Your Guymon Walls. Get a good night’s sleep with a Twin, Full, Queen, and King size mattress whichever fits your individual needs without overextending your budget. Prices from $109 (Single Twin Set Mattress Set), up to $229 -$469 (Twin Set), $289 – $639 (Full Set), $329 – $689 (Queen Set), $489 – $919 (King Set). Nothing makes a greater day than a good night’s sleep on a comfortable mattress set. Shop Today, Monday, February 5th. Open Monday thru Saturday 10 AM till 7 PM


Now an unbelievable 50% Off from a Famous Discount Store’s wide selection of merchandise. This great selection of Ladies’ Apparel includes Tops, Pants, Lingerie, Swimwear, and Maternity Apparel.  Ladies’ Apparel selection is sized from Tops and Pants Extra Small to 3 XL, Bras A to DDD. Also included in the newly reduced group are Toys, Appliances, School & Office Supplies, and more. Brand Names such as Barbie®, Nerf®, Ninja®, Oyster®, and more.  Shop Today, Monday, January 29th. Open Monday through Saturday 10 AM till 7 PM. 

Guymon Bound Area Rugs

Now at your Guymon Walls we’ve just received a shipment of Walls Bound Rugs at Great Bargain Prices.  All of these Indoor Bound Rugs are made in Oklahoma!  You will find a huge assortment of sizes from 9′ x 12′ for $90.00, 8′ x 12′ for $80.00, 6′ x 9′ for $38.00, 5′ x 8′ for $30.00, 8′ Runners for $15.00, 12′ Runners for $18.00 and of course our 99¢ Floor Mats.  Shop Today, Tuesday, January 23, 2024 for best selection.  Open Monday thru Saturdays 10 AM until 7 PM.