Newton Wall Company has been family owned since 1950. Newton Wall and his wife Maurine started with their first fire damaged Grocery Store in Shawnee, Oklahoma. Three generations later, the Wall family continues to operate our stores and have since grown into 11 Walls Stores located in Oklahoma and Mississippi. We also have Processing Facilities in Shawnee, Oklahoma.

We only buy merchandise that offers ULTIMATE VALUE to our customers from Bankruptcies, Insurance Losses due to Fires, Storm Damage, Earthquakes, and other Natural or Man-made Mischance, Factory Over productions and Irregulars, Close-outs, and other Overbought Situations. We take these goods to our stores in Oklahoma, Texas and Mississippi and sell them at 33% to 75% off everyday regular retail prices. Because of this, our inventory is constantly changing from week to week. We typically will not have the same merchandise in every store. It is a good idea to shop us often, because some of the best buys don’t last very long! Don’t let the bargains pass you by! A majority of our merchandise comes from the most prestigious department stores in the finest malls that America has to offer. We can mention the name brands that we carry sometimes, but most of the time we cannot reveal the store’s famous name, even though you will most likely find their name on the tag!

Come in and test the waters! We think you’ll find something that you can’t live without for a price that is almost too low to believe! MORE FOR YOUR MONEY!